The Role of Pharmaceutical Distributors in the Supply Chain

Understanding the role of pharmaceutical distributors in the supply chain can be somewhat complex, as it’s about getting the right drugs and medicines to the right patients at the right time. As distributors, we work day and night to ensure that hospital, pharmacy and clinic stock remains at a suitable level according to demand. Here, we’re taking a closer look at our role in the supply chain.


Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical distributors play an important role in the supply chain, purchasing medical products from pharmaceutical manufactures for storage in distribution centres and warehouses across the country. The products can then be ordered by licensed pharmacies, hospitals and other relevant healthcare providers. It is then our job as the distributor to process and deliver these orders safely and efficiently. In our warehouses, operations run throughout the day and night, making sure that orders placed as late as 8pm are available for delivery the very next morning.

It’s important to recognise that a distributors role in the supply chain is not to manufacture or prescribe such drugs, medicines or healthcare products. It is also not the distributors role to decide who should and shouldn’t receive a particular medicine or product, and what type of patient it is suitable for. At Clarity Global Group, our aim is to ensure that vital medical can be accessed easily across the UK and the globe, and that they arrive fit for use. We fulfil this by offering advanced 3PL warehousing facilities as well as the fastest possible multi-channel distribution services.


Safe and Efficient Delivery

The pharmaceutical distribution industry also is said to save healthcare systems billions each year through various investments and utilising various technological advancements. Without distributors, manufactures would have little choice but to spend valuable budgets on resources to fill in the gaps. As a result, the supply chain is much more efficient, not only from a reliability perspective, but also how secure it is.

Of course, as the healthcare system and industry continues to change, distributors are having to adapt their strategy in providing an efficient flow of available medicine and health-related products. This all needs to be achieved with patient safety in mind, making sure that hospitals and other healthcare providers have sufficient access to the drugs they need.


The Role of Europol

It is the role of Europol to oversee the volume and supply of such substances that are available within the market. As a part of their role, Europol has the most visibility in terms of the demand and flow of such substances from the supply chain and directly to the patient. Their main goal is to “achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all the EU citizens” through fighting against “terrorism, cybercrime and other serious and organised forms of crime.”

The supply chain process in pharmaceutical industry is constantly being reviewed, helping to ensure that each healthcare provider has sufficient access to the products they need in order to keep their patients safe.


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