How Has the Pharmaceutical Industry Changed Over the Past Year?

As we settle into 2021 and approach a year since the UK announced the first national lockdown, reflecting on the past year has allowed us to identify the changes that have been particularly noticeable in the pharmaceutical industry. The Coronavirus pandemic led to a record number of changes, with each and every one of us having to adapt and go above and beyond to do our part. But how has the pharmaceutical industry changed as a whole throughout this period? We discuss just some of the most noteworthy changes and their impact on the pharma industry.


Increases in public funding

2020 was a very significant year for us all, with the pharmaceutical industry being relied on more than ever. Public funding was invested heavily into research and development, with a push to find new solutions in faster timeframes than we’re used to. The urgency surrounding the production of a Covid-19 vaccine stimulated both collaborations and innovations across the industry, growing the potential of future advances. Healthcare companies have been forming alliances on a global basis to undertake advanced R&D projects and really drive forward the industry as a whole.


Technological advancements

Technology is growing across all industries, and the pharma industry is no exception. Over the past year, the process has been accelerated to allow us to meet the demands of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the advancements of technology, we are able to develop new drugs, create more accurate testing systems and improve the reliability of clinical trials in a more effective manner.


Transforming the online experience

Following on from technological advancements, the changes to patient services have changes drastically. When asked ‘how has the pharmaceutical industry changed over the last year?’, this has got to be one of the most notable differences for members of the public. The introduction of social distancing and staying at home meant that medical appointments became difficult; the transition to online services meant patients could seek healthcare from a qualified GP from the comfort of their own home. This transition has been a big step for the pharmaceutical industry, with a more efficient process in place for both patients and healthcare professionals which can be continued going forward.


A new found appreciation

For many pharmaceutical professionals wondering how has the pharmaceutical industry changed since the start of last year, they have noticed the improved gratitude towards those in the field. With more funding and public recognition, the support of the sector is growing and the country is identifying the struggles those in the industry are facing on a daily basis. With many members of the public finding a new found appreciation for the healthcare industry, the attitudes towards the system have changed. Patients have started to weigh up the severity of their situation, calling on professionals when is necessary and doing what they can to reduce the pressure on our key workers.


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