Do’s & Don’ts Of Wearing A Face Mask

In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19), face coverings and face masks have become mandatory in a number of settings.

A face covering can be described as something which safely covers both the nose and the mouth and must be securely fit around the side of the face.

The purpose of face masks is to protect others against the spread of infection.

The rules on when a face mask is to be worn differs across the UK, however they should always be worn when in an indoor place where social distancing may be difficult and you are likely to come into contact with people that you would not usually meet. Here at Clarity Global Group, we’re taking a closer look at the do’s and don’ts of wearing a face mask.



  • Do choose the right mask

When it comes to wearing a mask, it is important that you choose the right mask for your needs. A mask provides a physical barrier against the spread of bacteria. Ensuring that you are wearing the most appropriate mask for your needs (whether that’s a medical-grade mask or a simple surgical mask) is imperative. Different types of masks offer different grades of protection. Some of the most protective include the FFP2 mask and are most suitable for healthcare workers or those in close contact with potentially infected individuals. Those in lower-risk situations are able to safely wear a standard 3ply surgical mask.


  • Do cover your mouth and nose 

Covering both the mouth AND the nose is essential when it comes to wearing a mask. This is because droplets which may potentially be carrying the virus can be passed on through speaking, sneezing, laughing and coughing. Ensuring that you cover your mouth and nose can help to reduce the spread of the virus.


  • Do wash your reusable mask frequently 

If you have opted for a reusable mask, it is important that this is washed on a high temperature frequently. If you are using disposable surgical masks, these should be changed with every interaction. For example, if you are entering a shop, you should make sure that your mask is disposed of once you return home as opposed to reusing it. A reusable mask on the other hand should be cleaned thoroughly, regularly.



  • Don’t touch your mask after it’s on

It is important to ensure that you do not touch your mask after you have placed this, or alternatively, if you do, you only do so once you have already washed or sanitised your hands. Touching it once the mask is secured could contaminate your mask, or alternatively contaminate your hands if you have already been in close contact with others.


  • Don’t lower your guard

Wearing a face mask should not replace the other safeguards that are in place to protect you from COVID-19 and other viruses. You should make sure that you do not lower your guard, and you should continue to social distance as normal. The virus can still be transmitted through touching surfaces which may potentially be contaminated, so regular handwashing and other protective measures should still be in place.


  • Don’t put a mask on a young child under the age of 2

Putting a mask on a young child under the age of 2, or someone who has trouble breathing could be dangerous. It is important to ensure that you do not put a mask on a young child or anyone who would be unable to remove the facemask without assistance.


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